Dr. Shannon

Dr. Shannon graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry with his dental degree, and he later pursued a master’s in counseling at Arizona State University. He chose to study counseling so he could create a more patient-centered approach to help him care for his patients. After receiving his master’s degree Dr. Shannon was passionate about maintaining the highest level of dental skills and went on to complete extensive training at the Dawson Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. He also has received certificates from the Western Regional Examiners Board, Central Regional Examiners Board, and the National Board Dental Examiners.

For many years prior to joining our team, Dr. Shannon owned a dental office in Flagstaff and found that his favorite part of being a dentist is providing his patients (even nervous patients!) with pain-free and compassionate care. He loves to build and maintain long-term relationships with his patients, and it motivates him to be the best dentist he can be. He always keeps your best interests in mind and will provide you with individualized care for your unique needs.

Outside of the office, Dr. Shannon considers himself to have a mellow lifestyle, but he enjoys a variety of activities including photography, music, theater, yoga, personal training, spin classes, and mud runs. Dr. Shannon also has two children who are an integral part of his life and a wonderful granddaughter who is very dear to him. On the weekends he often travels to see his granddaughter to spend time with her and hear about all her current activities!